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YouTube Soon to Bring Ad Formats For TV Screens. It is working aggressively to bring TV- screen ad-options.

Google internal number shows a steep increase on TV consumption, and the so far the speculation says the number will be consistent or should rise as COVID-19 has forced the user to be at home.

The ad formats might seem familiar to the advertisers who are consistently advertising on YouTube. However, the move showed Googles intention to go beyond the realm of the app on the user’s phone, by connection to TV screens.

Brand Lift on Your TV Screens

Advertisers who have been running Brand Lift will be having a brand new placement in the coming months, TV screens.

“With media mixes becoming increasingly reliant on streaming, it’s more important than ever to measure its impact. As a result, we’re accelerating the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens.”

– Google announcement

Surveys will be optimized based on the TV screens with a regular TV remote controller which will enable the users to hover around the screen and choose the options instead of using a mouse and keyboard.

YouTube Soon to Bring Ad Formats For TV Screens - Hacker Toasts Media - Rahul Viswakarma

Skippable Ad Format to Come on TV

Skippable ad formats are those which can be skipped by the user. It is the most widely used feature on YouTube.

Skippable ads appear before or after the ad. Which runs for 5 sec and then can be skipped.

This feature is very useful for the advertisers as they will be charged only when the user has seen the whole of the video or more than 30 sec of it.

Read more in detail. Source @SEJ
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