YouTube has moved its comment section up, below the subscribe option. If you would have noticed this change has happened recently.

If you haven’t noticed the change yet no worries. We’re here to inform you.

YouTube comments section now below the subscribe optionYouTube Moved Its Comment Section Up Below the Subscribe Options - Hacker Toasts Media

In the above image, as you can see the example, the comment sections are available under the subscribe option. It includes a number of comments.

If a user wants to comment on something they can direct comment and submit. In order to view other peoples comment, you can click the two arrows (up and down) against each other. It would open up the rest of the comment.

The opening of the rest of the comment feature is very much similar to previously YouTube’s live chat/comment option.

Now no more scrolling down for the comments on YouTube

YouTube Moved Its Comment Section Up Below the Subscribe Options - Hacker Toasts Media

As you can see the image above, stating “COMMENTS HAVE MOVED”. And on the right-hand side, you can see “GO TO COMMENTS” if you click in there it will lead you to the above section under subscribe option.


This is actually a very good option for users. And keeping in mind the users, YouTube has brought this feature. In terms of users, this is actually a very good feature as the user won’t have to scroll down so much. But is it really this much let’s decode.

Decoding of this new shift of comment section feature

There are a couple of benefits that would actually render it to the users. And would rather increase the user’s experience.

  • Users don’t have to scroll down much now
  • The comments section has been moved up under subscribe option, with expansion view comment feature so users don’t have to see the unnecessary comments
  • Most importantly the page area which used to get covered with comment long comments down, with this new now they can increase the number of more relevant content for the user than the usual.

Well, users will be benefited with this feature and also soon get adjusted with this new change. Nonetheless, a thumbs up from team Hacker Toasts Media for this new feature o YouTube.

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