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TOFU, MOFU and BOFU a content strategy to sales and marketing funnel is a guide to your Content Strategy plan. Your Content Marketing guide to sales and lead nurturing.

Previously in our article, we have already discussed the three levels of complete Content Marketing campaigns and planning level. What is Content Marketing? and myths of content marketing. Which will help in understanding the content strategy and creating a sales funnel.

Explaining how important it is to understand and organize your content marketing campaign not just for your inbound marketing funnel but also for your customers.

In this article, we will discuss in details about TOFU, MOFU & BOFU technique for your content strategy.

  • TOFU It is the Top of the Funnel level of content marketing strategy

  • MOFUIt’s the Middle of the Funnel level of content marketing strategy

  • BOFUIt’s the Bottom of Funnel level of content marketing strategy

Understanding Your Brand and Customers to Achieve a Better Conversion Rate

When you are looking to attract a new lead for your business and trying to increase your conversion rates. In order to do that, you must gradually allure them and sooth them up towards your product and services.

Well, it surely is looking easy and feels better when said, but it’s really tough to have your sell and engage your customer – if it would have been easy then I guess we all would have been millionaires or billionaires already.

Mostly the customers are well informed and aware of, what they want? And what they’re looking for? And sometimes you have to educate them. Nonetheless, you’re the one who’s providing those products and services. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to engage your customer.

Engaging means, you must sweeten them up, give assurance that investment and time in you are worth their efforts and they have made the right decision.

This is called the art of selling, which is largely focused on the psychological need of your customers and grooming them to make them feel better about their purchase.

This isn’t manipulative. Rather you are selling a product or service to your customer, which will make their life better and easier. You are not spamming them in any manner, instead, you make them happy and creating value for them.

We as a marketer and seller must understand this clearly that people don’t just buy things they also buy an experience from you. They enter into a relationship with your brand and services, which might lead to a long-term relationship or remarketing. In order to achieve that you must nurture them.

In order to achieve the right leads and serve your customers rightfully. You must plan and organize your sales strategies properly. We will unveil and discuss the three levels of sales funnel content strategy for your brand and customers for a better output.

TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel- Content Marketing -Digital Marketing - Marketing - Sales Funnel

Why there’s a funnel or level? Why we should follow it?

When people abandon your site, they’re not necessarily saying “No,” they’re just saying, “Not right now.” You’ve got to get to know your visitors, and they have to get to know you.

For example, if you have collected your customer emails and formed a database of it, then you can educate the people, engage them and help them get the FREE stuff or trial and build the trust with the right message.

Now they know about you and you know about them, and then after a while, you can sell your product or services to them may be a days later, weeks, months but eventually, they will say yes to it.

You must not only have a marketing funnel for different types of customers that you’re going to target (buyers persona) but once when someone becomes a new customer of your product or services. You must put them into existing customer funnel.

Now your goals have changed and you will be focusing on remarketing and repurchase for them in order to make them a repeat customer.

Top of the funnel (TOFU)

TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel- Content Marketing -Digital Marketing - Marketing - Sales Funnel

At the top of the sales funnel (TOFU), we’re looking to attract a much larger base of an audience with potential leads. The reason is to attract relevant traffic to our site without affecting or missing out conversions.

But the most important thing is, how to start with the top level of the sales funnel?

It begins with understanding the buyer’s persona. Which is very important for any brand and company or service providers.

Buyers persona can be defined as behaviour, personality, likes, dislikes or search pattern of your audiences and customers. Understanding your buyer’s perspective as a person or personality.

It isn’t important whether how well you know your set of an audience? But it’s important to know, how well you understand your audience?

The top of the funnel (TOFU) content would contain your blog articles. And those articles should revolve around solving your customer’s problems, doubts and educating them about your bands, products or services.

For examples, if your customer wants to buy a new smartphone within a range of $300, and you’re a brand or retailer who has a product that can suffice the need of that particular set of audience.

Then your content strategy should first revolve around and solving the doubts and give a variety of options of the best handsets available within that range. With a clear CTA (Call to Action) button for leads and conversion.

The goals of TOFU content should be in educating your customer or audience for a specific query, needs or requirements that they are looking to get addressed, without a direct sales tie-in.

Goals for the top of the funnel content:

  • Establishing yourself as a trusted authority
  • Increasing traffic
  • Educating people
  • Awareness
  • Attracting backlinks (link-bait)
  • Attracting more Social Shares (Social-Pings)
  • Ensuring your website fresh with content
  • Newsletter Sign-ups
  • Lead-in Form Submissions
  • Addressing your audience queries

Focus on delivering good, quality information that will be really useful to your audience.

This is a sales funnel level where you must demonstrate to your readers why they should follow you and pay attention to you. It’s not just that you’re addressing their issues but also you’re establishing yourself as an authority who expertise in the knowledge of the concerned subject.

They will be more likely to trust you in the later sales funnel level when you actually need to sell your product or services. In this top of the funnel level,  you will most likely get more shares, backlinks and publicity through your post.

The best would be to put out eBooks because peoples download and share eBooks more. And if it is high and good quality it might also get viral.

Here are some of the content type you need at the top of your sales funnel:

  • EBooks
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Podcasting
  • Magazines
  • Definitive guides
  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • How-to articles
  • Beginner’s eBooks
  • Free Resources

Middle of the funnel (MOFU)

TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel- Content Marketing -Digital Marketing - Marketing - Sales Funnel

Once you have completed the TOFU level, addressed, educated and have aware of your audience. And your audience has crossed the first tofu content, they will enter into the MOFU stage.

It’s considered as the most complicated funnel stage as because of its broad diversity of interested leads who have not been converted into qualified leads.

In this stage of the funnel, your content must not only continue in educating your customers and audience but should also start the positioning of your brand or company as a solution to leads needs and challenges.

In this funnel, you’re targeting people who are most aware of your industry and product also, who might not know, but perhaps not just quite ready to buy it or willing to buy but confused.

This is where you should begin introducing your audience to your products. In here you should be comparing your products with the competitors’ products and why you’re the best option instead of them.

This is also the stage where you do a lot of research and in-depth informational content for your readers who are actually knowing about the industry and your products. Who most probably can convert into a sale or remarketing.

For your middle of the funnel content, try focusing on things like:

  • Guides
  • Product comparisons
  • Case studies
  • Advanced eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Videos
  • Informative contents
  • Animations
  • Infographics

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel- Content Marketing -Digital Marketing - Marketing - Sales Funnel

At this bottom of the funnel is actually where you’re selling your products and services. A lead nurturing level.

This is the stage where you will be pulling out all your sales strategies – limited time offers, percentages off, free add-ons, free trials, and similar strategies.

At this stage you’ve convinced your customer why they should opt your product or services, you just need to instigate them to open their wallets.

Most people need some extra push or assurance of the product or service that they are going to buy. Even though they are convinced and satisfied to buy it.

But by offering them good offers and discounts, free trials, you will make it more compelling for your customers to go ahead with your product or services.

Decoding the Sales Funnel

Let’s taken an example to decode this TOFU, MOFU and BOFU into even more simpler terms. In here we shall discuss a particular or related industry in where we can create the sales funnel.

However, choosing an industry to explain it, is a bit complex part. As because the kind of industry we choose will differ to each other and their approaches as well with their priorities.

Hence, choosing an industry which is more dynamic and changes time to time and quick. Will be the best choice to explain it more clearly.

Also, here we’ll learn the approach to it and what all factors and points should be considered while creating a sales funnel. As the requirements will differ.

So, we’ll be choosing FashionSoftware and Education to explain this. The fundamental approach to it will be the same except their priorities and requirements – Here we go:

In order to begin this sales funnel, which won’t just include your print but also your digital part. First, we must look into a few of the important factors to consider which will rightfully determine your sales and marketing funnel for your brand.

Those factors are:

  • Search/Research
  • Search Results
  • Content
  • Lead Acquisition


We must do thorough research of the industry that we’re into. That won’t just include your past, present and future analysis but also your own approach, creativity and innovation surrounding it. How better you can offer your customers.

You must think from all the angles. Being into the Fashion industry is not an easy game it changes so quickly that you have to adapt according to the environment so do your content strategy as well. Which requires your thorough attention and consistent research into it.

Here’re some of the key points that you can consider for your Search/ Research:

TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel- Content Marketing -Digital Marketing - Marketing - Sales Funnel

Proper Keyword research – which follows your product directly. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Ahref and Keyword Everywhere for that.

Related Product Keyword research – related keyword research means your product revolving around other products, in easy words where it can be fit with other products.

For example, you have a product for women apparel Skirts. So, your skirt will revolve around your upper wear top as well your handbags, scarf, watch, shoes and many more.

Likewise, there would be numerous related products into it to follow.

Related Industry Keyword Researchrelated industry keyword research would imply your watch, shoes, travel destination and holidays, handbags, festivals, where you can entice your customers to get in to buy your products. Also, rank on the search engine.

Social Media Researcha very essential element of the fashion industry, and not just them but almost all of the major industries now rely on social media.

Social Media gives you the information about trends on the internet, what people are posting, liking, and sharing. To carry on with your social media research you must take into these factors:

*What kind of post people are sharing in the fashion industry/related to your product?

*What’s trending on Twitter and Instagram?

*Kind of blogs and mainly images people are liking the most?

*Following influencers and celebrities, that’s one of the important parts of social media research.

For example, if Kim Kardashian posts a pic of her with a dress that she wore, and it got viral and users are sharing it on the internet and liking it, then you have got your potential market in there for that kind of product.

Another example could be if Ranveer Singh, wears a normal funky t-shirt or pant and the fans liked it and it going viral. Then you know what you can do? And what you should be doing? So, you can easily run a blog around it for your content strategy.

For influencers, you should always follow them and see who’re related to your niche, because your audiences follow them. And yes influencers who’re related to your niche, not just anyone, you must follow them.

Competitor AnalysisCompetitor analysis is very important for any brand and company. You must not just understand your market, but also your existing and potential competitors. Hence, do a complete analysis of it, not just in terms or search results, but also for the social media and magazine popularity interests.

Existing funnelanalyze your existing funnels and performance of your blogs and how many traffics you got and leads.

Search Results:

Search results are all about metrics numbers and understanding the patterns of search and researches you have done.

Points to consider for search results:

*Prepare a complete report of all your keywords and types mentioned above with their search volumes and patterns defined and decoded.

*Search for the blogs related to your products that you’re offering, using keywords. See the user patterns and the kind of posts you see in your search results, as well as social media using hashtags.

*The important part of this phase is you need to understand the user behaviour and the search patterns.


Your content is the one who will connect with your target audience. Hence, your content needs to be very well researched and full of imagery, videos, infographics.

For the fashion industry, it is mainly about good images, as well as well-edited videos. You need to show a lifestyle a need to your customer. Why they should buy you? What they will represent if they use your product?

So, here are the points that need to covered under content:

*Well researched and strategically planned content

*Proper Content structure

*Able to narrate a story behind your product and related it with your customer to pursue it.

*Why they should buy you over other.

*At the same time selling your other products as well revolving around your current product. Like, for skirts you can also sale top, handbags and watches and many more, a combo.

Lead Acquisition:

Creating all your strategies will go in vain if your sole objective to acquire lead is not accomplished. Hence, you must offer good discounts, coupons, mouth-watering offers that your customers can’t deny.

For other industries like education or digital or other things, you can free downloads and free trials as well.

Points to consider for Lead Acquisition:

*Offer good coupons, discounts and offers

*Monitor your lead from the posts that you’ve generated

*Optimize your strategy or content if it requires any changes after publishing it

We have covered some of the important points that should be considered before preparing a sales funnel. So, let’s cut to the chase and define our sales funnel.


After doing the primary work on the above factors. The process of arranging the sales funnel will begin.

As we have done the groundwork on the above factors, now your vision will be more clear in setting up your content sales funnel.

It is more about understanding your buyers’ persona and improving your existing strategy in the funnel-like SEO, PPC, blogs etc.

Offering solutions to your customers’ queries and problems. And then slowly when you solve it you move them gradually to next funnel.

For the fashion industry, your TOFU strategy will be a tailored one. Like:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Podcasting
  • Magazines
  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • How-to articles
  • Free Resources
  • Image resources

For other industries like software and education it will include:

  • EBooks
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Podcasting
  • Magazines
  • Definitive guides
  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • How-to articles
  • Beginner’s eBooks
  • Free Resources


It is about to lead generation. You must design your content in a manner where you tell your customer about yourself and your brands indirectly. Reason being ad-centric content which will affect your site.

Narrate a story, show your customers why they should opt you? What USP you have? What are your products? Meanwhile also solving your customer’s queries.

For the fashion industry it will include the following, might add or subtract further depending on the requirements:

  • Product comparisons
  • Case studies
  • Fashion Magazines
  • Videos
  • Informative contents
  • Animations
  • Infographics
  • Well edited narrated stories

For other industries like software and education it will include:

  • Guides
  • Product comparisons
  • Case studies
  • Advanced eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Videos
  • Informative contents
  • Animations
  • Infographics


The lead nurturing level. It is one of the crucial levels where you have to take good care of your customers to turn them into buyers. It is also the level where you utilize the sales strategy.

Converting potential to actual buyers. It would include your discounts and coupons as discussed above

Customer Acquisition

When all your level of funnel been created and your customer has passed through all your level. The last stage comes to your customer acquisition part. In which it would include you new and existing customers as well.

Also, your monitoring and report preparing comes. How many leads you generated and how many you converted. What was right? and what went wrong?


For every article you curate and develop a content strategy that you’re going to put forward, you must clearly define your goals.

You must create a goal with every piece of content and then track it for its improvement and update.

Take your three levels of TOFU, MOFU and MOFU content of the previous month and compare it with the existing one for a better assessment and growth,

See which one outperforms the other and try to understand why. Once you understand what elements or components of that TOFU, MOFU, BOFU content stood out, re-create it using a new strategy or targeted term.

Analyze the content and output. Which is outperforming others? and why? and what more extra elements we can add to it? Recreating a revised and update strategy for the targeted audience.

Also, run a research campaign where you can ask your customers and visitors to answer your questions. A multiple choice question which will help you in serving your customers in a more better way.

Short summary

To summarize it shortly and make you understand what TOFU, MOFU and BOFU are. It is like this:

TOFU is the top level of the funnel content strategy that mainly includes the buyer’s persona, what your customers or searchers are searching for and addressing their queries (Traffic Generation)

MOFU is the middle level of the funnel content strategy that talks about your brand and intentions and how you are going to serve your customer or visitors who come to your site. And they should choose you. (Lead Generation)

BOFU is the bottom level of the funnel content strategy mainly focus on converting sales or conversions. Which mainly includes offers, discounts and trials (sales strategies) – ( Lead Nurturing)

However, we must understand that it might sometimes become confusing for the types of content to follow for TOFU and MOFU. Like for ebooks and video it can be used for both TOFU and BOFU, but it can be prioritized based on the requirements, like your buyer’s persona and intentions of your company and brands. And accordingly, be arranged and planned.

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