Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 & Future on Customers and Advertisers

2019 and future Digital Marketing Trends Digital Marketing trends in 2019 & future on customers and advertisers has become a buzz. During the last couple of years, the advertising market has gone through several changes and is vastly different when compared to what we had several years ago. Traditional marketing solutions have lost considerable grip […]

Zuckerberg Has Planned to Integrate Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg, Cheif Executive Officer of Facebook has planned to integrate social media network services messaging app Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. He took this step to have complete control over his several divisions and to tackle the disorientation, wherein time and again his reputation of the company has been battered with several scandals and Whistleblower Wylie concerns […]

Google+ To Shut Down Because of Low Usage and Engagement

Google+ To Shut Down Because of Low Usage and Engagement. Google will shut down the user version of Google+ throughout, following 10 months, the company wrote in its blog. The choice pursues the disclosure of a formerly undisclosed security blemish that uncovered users profile information that was cleared in March 2018. Google says Google+ as […]

Is Content Marketing Getting Overrated With Its Overused Techniques

Is Content Marketing Getting Overrated With Its Overused Techniques? It is considered to be one of the most important elements in marketing now. Bringing not just wonders to your businesses and brand but also helps in standing in unique position against the competitor. In simple words, Content Marketing is defined as the process of curating […]

What is Content Marketing? and its Various Strategies and Methods

Manier times marketer asks the basic question What is Content Marketing? and its Various Strategies and Methods. The market that we used to live in, work and experience in the early day has radically changed from then. Earlier the salesperson and storekeepers used to be the experts of product and services. Several businesses and brands had […]