The Era of the Revolution in Digital Marketing – Its Trends in 2019

Credit @ Fullestop The era of the revolution in digital marketing – Its trends in 2019 will out-rule the current methods of working. It’s prevalent that new methods and technologies will take over the old methods. The above infographics highlight the importance and revolution in digital marketing, that will soon take over the marketing campaigns. […]

The future of app marketing: shifting from a B2C to B2B2C model-Business News and Digital Marketing Trends

Mobile app developers are facing a tough challenge. As comScore pointed out, consumers spend about half of their time with digital media using smartphone apps, but they’re far less likely than they once were to download new ones. In fact, half of all U.S. smartphone users download zero apps per month. That’s just bad news for […]

Amazon Patent Brings ‘Blended Reality’ Mirror into View-Technology News and Updates

Amazon has earned a patent for a technology scheme described as “blended reality systems and methods,” which could potentially be used to create a virtual reality-enabled mirror that would allow customers to try on different virtual outfits in their own homes, according to GeekWire, which first reported on the publication of the patent.   The patent […]