Baffling but Android was originally designed for digital cameras not phones

Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, stepped down as android chief guarantees that the famous versatile operating system android was originally designed for digital cameras not phones. In an interview by PC World, Rubin said that the first idea, as contributed to financial specialists back in 2004, was for “a camera platform with a cloud portion for […]

Samsung and LG also Confirm They do not Slow Down Phones With Older Batteries

Two of the biggest Android phone makers – Samsung and LG – have just confirmed that they do not slow down phones with older batteries, a tactic that Apple has admitted it uses on some iPhones with aging batteries to prevent them from unexpected shutdowns. In emails to PhoneArena the companies denied ever reducing the speed of the processor in its phones and LG explicitly committed it “never will” do slow down its phones. Here are […]

WhatsApp Will Stop Working on these Devices After December 31

Certain versions of Windows and Blackbery will stop supporting the most popular instant messaging app by the end of the year The instant messaging app WhatsApp will stop functioning on certain mobile phones which carry outdated versions of Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows operating systems. Read more… Source: moneycontrol Read Full Article > Follow our Facebook Page. […]