According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it stated that ‘culture’ was the most popular word of the year in 2014-15. And not just then even now it is one of the trending topic in corporate.

The C3 (Corporate Culture Collaboration) is a very interesting and an eye opening theme. It’s a work place environment where individual come together from different parts of the world contributing their ideas and innovations and collaborating it to achieve the personal and organizational goals. And every organization work on the core value of their fundamentals that they have acquired with the journey and experienced that that have gone through.

It’s not just the corporate world but also the premium institute and B- Schools imparting professional courses also go through the same process and have the same environment where they are trained to be corporate ready candidate.

The main problem that has frequently been coming up in corporate world is the retention and aspirations of the employees and providing them the required workforce environment where they can work freely and calmly. Even the institutions imparting professional courses are facing the same problem with the students and they are unable to cope up with the aspirations and desires of the candidate.

Top business leaders of the world has also considered these problem to be existing and has to be urgently look upon. Social websites Glassdoor, Linkedin and Indeed and others has been the source of the information for the transparent information about the organization whether it’s good or not.

Corporate giant like Google is also unable to retain its top engineers in their workforce environment. So, somewhere the cultural environment of the corporate is unable to suffice the desires and aspirations of the employees.


  1. We have to understand that the mind of a human being is dynamic, it changes time and again it’s never stagnant, it always searches for something new. Even if the workforce environment is good provided the freedom than also some are unsatisfied because they feel something is missing.
  2. There is a saying “Provide freedom to your employees to work and they will lift your organization to next level”. But sometimes too much freedom also gets the corporate in to trouble because to work in an environment a specific discipline is required.
  3. Candidates seeking job are only looking for a way to earn money without any goals, most importantly they don’t love their job, and they just do for the sake of money. These is the reason that many employees leave the organization.
  4. Sometimes the desires and aspirations of employees are higher, which do not match the performance and norms of the organization.
  5. Certain organizations pattern of work culture is very stiff and the policy is not user friendly, this also becomes one of the main reason for employee leaving an organization.


  1. The policies has to be revamped with every passage of time. It should not be stiff and should be flexible, work friendly environment for the employees working in the organization.
  2. Choosing the candidates in the organization wisely so that the retention problem can be handled.
  3. Providing them the freedom that is required to work efficiently and swiftly.
  4. Timely counselling of the employees should be done to manage the retention issue, understanding the mind of the employee.
  5. Seminars and workshop should be conducted and various training programs should be initiated for them to upgrade their skills and opportunities.
  6. Recognizing them wisely and rightly for their performance and appreciation will be a form to recognize their work.

We have to understand that, freedom is not always related to the physical outbound suburb of the work force environment and cultures but also it is related to the mind of the individual. Psychologically we have to get in to the mind of the employees the root of entanglement for the dissatisfaction they are facing and eradicate that. The approach to theses problem needs to be in a broader prospective not just limiting it to the physical environment.

If we discuss about the institutions providing professional courses their also the same problem is lying with the students. They aren’t aware which stream or field they should choose and what subject they should opt for. They are confused with number of choices available to them and then molding them to corporate ready environment and culture becomes difficult, due to different attitude, perceptions, desires and aspirations.

But it can be managed by proper analysis of the students and counseling them properly and putting them under task and introducing them to the required environment will help them out.

All in all corporate environment is not restricted to a particular person or environment, it is a universal environment collaborated and accepted from different segments and societies. It is a culture which is unanimous and same for everyone. But it has to be updated time and again to protect itself from problem of dissonance.


Whether it’s the issue of employee retention and aspirations and the student’s issue, the cultural environment in the organization has to revamp every passage of time and there has to be a dynamic behavior to prevent these issues. Broader perspective to the issue will help in eradicating these issue with ease.

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