I’m sure you know it by now, but you are a commodity to Facebook. Your attention is anyway. To keep your interest and attention, Facebook’s always tweaking its News Feed algorithm to ensure that users are served the most engaging and relevant material possible.

Usually these updates are good for the overall user experience, but they can also cause significant headaches for marketers, and there were two that were recently announced which marketers need to be aware of if they want to make the most of the already dwindling organic reach.

But before we jump into these updates, let’s have a quick crash course on the Facebook News Feed algorithm. With so many people and brands now active on The Social Network, the amount of content that is eligible to be served to Facebook users on a daily basis is huge. It’s estimated that each user is eligible to be shown up to 1,500 different pieces of content daily, but only see roughly 300. Competition for real estate is extremely high, so to manage all this, and ensure that each user gets a relevant experience, Facebook has a News Feed Algorithm which measures over a thousand different factors to help sift through the noise.[…]

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New Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates You Need to Know-Digital Marketing News and Updates
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