Masculinity or Femininity both requires balance a unanimity. The idea of empowerment itself is more intriguing than actually following it. Today many of us haven’t been able to empower ourselves but we feel to empower others. Isn’t it exciting that the fact of the matter is quite irony and contrasting to each other.

The very fundamental requirement of every existence always begins from feminism, and its not gender or behavior but it’s the truth and existential fact of life.Whether man and women, both carries male and female chromosomes, than how can we be aloof from one another.

Today the inequality in power and leadership has lead to the call of empowerment for women’s, rather I believe it shouldn’t have existed as we are all the same. The gap in leadership in national and international platforms has lead to drastic imbalance in power and identity and gender inequality.

However, the inequality is simply now based upon the biological differences and body which is absolutely childish and a minuscule way to identify. Rather if it has to happen we must consider brains to identify it at-least it would be on merits.

Masculinity or Femininity both requires balance a unanimity-vitsmuni
Masculinity or Femininity both requires balance a unanimity

The very understanding of power has converted in to masculinity overpowering and subjugating one another, the essence of nurturing and sustenance has lost its place. In our current era we need balance in power, man having not just masculinity but also femininity a fragility ability to express and women who are genuine and true to their feminism  not trying to be masculine but their own existence and lead the mass.

How would a world be without women’s? How would a world be without women’s leadership? ever imagined. We don’t need to, we know how it feels without our mother’s and beloved. Anyhow just imagining the gap in leadership and balance how it would effect the mass is quite mind boggling and a matter of concern.

Although the gap is a concern but how can we forget the current leaders

  • Angela Merkel, Chancellor Germany
  • Theresa May, Prime Minister, U.K.
  • Michelle Bachelet, President, Chile
  • Federica Mogherini, Foreign Policy Chief, European Union
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor, Myanmar
  • Nikki Haley, Ambassador to United Nations, U.S.
  • Hillary Clinton, Former Presidential Candidate, U.S.
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Sushma Swaraj

The list is long and doesn’t end quickly. But we must remember one thing that

Every women in every way and every day life is a influencer to every mans life, they aren’t the gems but definitely the gems maker our life

At last as an individual and team Vitsmuni without any ifs and buts support the balance and gender equality. No one is greater or smaller,

if you have to be great than revolutionize and make a difference.

Masculinity or Femininity both requires balance a unanimity-Vitsmuni
Masculinity or Femininity both requires balance.


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