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LOT: Lots of Talks with RV, is a YouTube channel of (Hacket Toasts) hackertoasts.com, a channel filled with fun learning and information.

Forget all old boring and serious videos and discussions, because we don’t do that. We might be rookies, but definitely lovable, enjoyable and informative. We curate video to put a smile in your face and educate you but with a difference, that’s madness and quality content.

Marketing, Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Interviews with various experts and a lot more to serve in your palate. So, stay tuned and enjoy our videos.

Geeks of information technologies and business. We at Vitsmuni believe in partaking the best we can, thriving to make a difference with the simplest and maximum of our efforts.

Hacket Toasts is an Indian based platform powered by its own proprietary technology. A well-versed team of experts in technology, marketing and content marketing.