Facebook since its launch as a social media platform has evolved itself in to a magnanimous manner that today beings more than just a mere social media platform it has now also become a marketing hub. You name it whether it’s branding, promotion, traffics, reach, lead generations and many more it has covered all the aspects of marketing.

Facebook has even entered in to AI built system providing facilities to its users by connecting it to the core system. Content Marketing has been an important aspect in social media platforms, in every sphere and website what makes a page or website it’s never the images, videos or graphics but the content in it.

Content Marketing is every important and a crucial because it requires a considerable amount of research and time and own discretion to understand it and then frame it for the readers to read it. In current trend of social the shift is turning towards visual presentation and information, reducing the content marketing but here we are forgetting that even to inform the user about the visual we need a content.

On March 2016 when Mark Zuckerberg announced the use of chatbot with the tools provided to build it, since then the use and demand of chatbots has increased. Now using a Facebook chatbot in Content Marketing adds a very significant value to not just on the content that’s been published but leading to a real time engagement of the audience.

Here are some of the advantages of leveraging the use of Facebook chatbot in Content Marketing:

      • Real time experience:  Facebook chatbot in content marketing helps in involving the real time experience of the reader. Provides the user as alive and interact in the discussions.
      • Engagement of the audience: Leveraging the use of Facebook chatbot helps in increasing the audience engagement and also gets in to discussions creating a real time seminar and getting their views and suggestions on the respective fields.
      • Increase in traffics: Facebook chatbot helps in increasing the traffic in the website or the concerned page, because it’s providing the real time experience to the users.
      • Connect with the brands: Using Facebook as a platform and its services has its own advantages and many important brands and companies are already on Facebook. Hence, it provides an opportunity to connect with them and get the data needed.


What becomes more important is not the use of chat bot but how we are using it and at what platform and by whom. Facebook being a giant in its own area almost in every sphere is commendable and easily understandable that, Facebook provided platform services is the best choices. Leveraging the use of the Facebook chat bot in content is highly appreciable and must us facility to understand and implement it.

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