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PM Modi while his address to nation mentioned the second phase of lockdown, extended to May 3 In India. India is all set to win the fight against Covid19. 

This pandemic has created a huge ruckus globally. Not just affecting and sickening people taking lives but also impacting hugely to economic structures.

The world total cases as of COVID -19 is now crossing 19,25,224 mark, making casualties of 1,19,702. Please refer to world tracker for covid-19.

In India, the current scenario is the following, as of current date and time there’s a –

Confirmed cases – 10541

Active Cases – 8978 (Please refer: for latest updates on covid – 19 India)

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the nation today on April 14th on the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti. Stated that India is going to face the second phase of the lockdown from April 14 – May 3 2020. 

19 days of the second phase of lockdown, prior to which there had been 21 days of lockdown from March 16 – April 19. Making a total count of 40 days of lockdown.

Prime Minister in his statement no-where mentioned that May 3 would be the end of lockdown. He clearly but casually mentioned the second phase, meaning the situation and extension may tighten depending on the situation.

In his address, he also mentioned that the second phase of lockdown is going to be even stricter. However, he mentioned that the rule of lockdown may loosen it to certain specific areas, where the situation is getting under control.

In his address to the nation his main concern and worries where for the poor and daily wage workers. As due to this lockdown they have faced a huge problem.

In his speech, he stated 7 important points. I followed, then every citizen of this nation should easily win the fight against Covid – 19, till May 13 2020.

7 points are:

  • Take care of aged people and members of your family who has a history of any ailments.
  • Follow lockdown and social distancing – Use homemade facemask if there’s lack of masks.
  • To stay healthy follow Ayush Bharat guidelines for immunity to stay healthy.
  • Download Arogya Setu mobile app for any coivd 19 help and information.
  • Help and take care of poor families in these difficult times.
  • Take care of people who are working with you, show compassion and love and don’t fire them.
  • Respect and admire our Covid Warriors (Doctors, Police, Cleaners and people who are risking their lives and helping people and the nations.

We The People Of India,  is with our PM and we have pledged and determined to fight and win the battle against Covid – 19.

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