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Hacker Toasts Media invites you for a Guest Post on our blog-site. Our genres- Technology, Digital Marketing, Business, News and Social, welcomes you to showcase and brand your writing skills and creativity to our wide audience.

We would love to feature you as our author and share your ideas with everyone. “A single person can bring a change, but a group of people can bring a revolution” we would be more than happy to brand the raw and wild ideas into our blog-site, provided no abusive and unethical inputs are incorporated within it.

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  • No abusive and unethical post will be allowed.
  • Demeaning any personality post isn’t allowed
  • Creativity is welcomed but that should be plagiarized free
  • Please follow the genres and accordingly send the request
  • Technology, Digital Marketing, Business, News and Social, Entrepreneurship, Literature, Leadership, Success Stories, Innovations, and Creativity is welcomed to our site.
  • This will be a free venture and no remuneration will be paid to the writer except the featuring you as our author and welcoming your ideas.

Your article will be screened for things like grammar, plagiarism, media insertions, and other quality checks.

Ownership Policy:
You agree that by submitting blog posts to us you are not eligible for any employee benefit plans or programs. You cannot hold yourself out as our agent or representative or attempt to bind us to any obligations even though we publish you as our author. Once you submit the content to us, we have a complete right to it – we may re-publish or distribute the content for marketing and promotional purposes, online or offline, in any medium and mode of delivery.
It would be great if you can re-publish it anywhere else by adding a sentence to the article: “Originally published on [Article link].”
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