Facebook is removing some of its metric starting 30 April 2019 - Digital Marketing - Adverts - hackertoastsFacebook is removing some of its metric starting 30 April 2019. Facebook has continually been upgrading its Adverts its advertising platform, as well as its Facebook marketing policies.

Facebook has been focusing on giving optimum utility to its advertisers in its platform. Whether it has to be in the form of ad experience or its terms and conditions.

Its main priority has been increasing the advertiser’s efforts in ads and how it can serve better ads and results to its advertisers.

For the same reason, it has brought several major updates as well removed some of the metrics.

Facebook has announced that starting on 30th April 2019, these metrics will no longer be available in their product interfaces or in the release of Ads Insights API v3.3.

So, here is the update what all changes are going to appear on Facebook:

Offers saved and Cost per offer saved

Facebook is removing offers saved and cost per offers saved metrics. Instead, they’re introducing a post saves that would serve as whole metrics in terms of measuring when the ads are being saved.

These new metrics will measure the number of times an advertisers’ ads were saved, also all offer ads save.

The post saved metrics has already been introduced from 12th March 2019 and is mow already functional.

Relevance score

Facebook is removing the relevancy score metric instead they are replacing it with a new set of ad relevance feature which will be clearer and dynamic.

Quality ranking, Engagement rate ranking, and Conversion rate ranking can help the advertiser in better diagnosing and understanding, whether the ads they ran were relevant to the audience it reached.

Facebook has also provided additional guidance feature in improving the results of it. It is already in effect from 12th March 2019.

Messaging replies and Cost per messaging reply

Facebook is omitting Messaging replies and Cost per messaging reply and instead of that replacing it with a new messaging connections and a new conversation started.

The new messaging connections will include the metrics of new messaging conversation except for the older ones in the past. Messaging conversation starts measuring the number of time of people started messaging after at least seven days of inactivity.

Mobile app purchase ROAS and web purchase ROAS

Previously the ROAS metrics were channel-specific (i.e. mobile, web, on-Facebook). However, the customer path to acquisition should inclusive hence the metrics to ROAS should be inclusive and Omni-channel.

Hence, Facebook has consolidated all the channel-specific ROAS metrics into one, serving as a single platter for ROAS measurement, a holistic Purchase ROAS.

Source: Facebook
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