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Facebook ads removing some of its metrics from October 2019. It is constantly updating its Ads platform. Every month it announces an update on its ads platform.

Here’s a quick update on Facebook for October 2019. Removal of metrics.

To improve the ads metrics offerings, Facebook is replacing some of its metrics with new ones, to which they believe that it would provide that more actionable insights.

On October 2019, Facebook is bringing several updates to their videos and leads ads metrics, starting this 29th October 2019. They are removing metrics related to 10-second videos views and will be renaming various other video metrics. As well as, as per their announcements they are also consolidating the leads metrics.

Facebook announced –

“These updates will be reflected in both our product interfaces as well as our Ads Insights API v5.0. Automated rules in Ads Manager that are based on removed metrics will no longer be available after 29 October 2019.”

Facebook is removing  –

  • Removal of 10-second video views, cost per 10-second video view and unique 10-second video views

“In July 2019, ThruPlay replaced 10-second video views as the default optimisation for video views campaigns. ThruPlay optimises for video plays to completion or for at least 15 seconds.

We’ve found that ThruPlay optimisation drives cost-efficient brand lift that’s on par with 10-second video views, and exceeds 10-second video views for ad recall lift.

As part of this transition, we removed the 10-second video view optimisation and billing option in July 2019. We will remove the corresponding metrics mentioned in October.”

On its blog, Facebook said that it is renaming its various video metrics to make the names clearer and consistent. They are making these changes to help the users understand the ads’ performance better. There would be no change in the metrics as to how it is calculated.

      Below is the link for detailed definitions of each metric.

Previous video metric name New video metric name
Unique 2-second continuous video views Unique 2-second continuous video plays
2-second continuous video views 2-second continuous video plays
Cost per 2-second continuous video view Cost per 2-second continuous video play
3-second video views 3-second video plays
Cost per 3-second video view Cost per 3-second video play
Video watches at 25% Video plays at 25%
Video watches at 50% Video plays at 50%
Video watches at 75% Video plays at 75%
Video watches at 95% Video plays at 95%
Video watches at 100% Video plays at 100%
Video average watch time Video average playtime
  • Replacement of Leads (form)metric with on-Facebook leads channel breakdown within Leads metric

To improve the consistency of conversion reporting on our platform, we will be removing the Leads (form) metric, which currently exists outside the Leads metric, in favour of an on-Facebook leads channel breakdown within the Leads metric.

All actions captured within Leads (form) today will be represented in the on-Facebook leads channel breakdown. The Leads metric will be omnichannel and include both on and off-Facebook leads.

Here, were the updates related to Facebook for October 2019. Hacker Toasts Media will be back again with the latest updates related to Facebook Ads.

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