Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques-
Do’s and Don’ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

Do’s and Don’ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor. Your SEO techniques to follow for 2019 (with other search engines) turns out to be more accurate as every day passes by. This reality inclines individuals to utilize different SEO methodologies to get on Google’s great side. In any case, a portion of the SEO strategies won’t be the best decision. Here are some of the tips for SEO – “Dos” and “Don’t” for 2019.

1.”DO” Targeting Long tail keyword with large phrase content

Rand Fishkin from once expressed that long-tail keywords cover almost 70 percent of all inquiries that individuals put into Google. Also, as per examine made by Ahrefs, the larger part of Google seeks have 3+ words in them. It implies that long-tail watchwords convey greater quality activity to your site as opposed to basic short catchphrases you may some way or another utilization.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

In any case, for what reason would it be a good idea for anyone to compose long-frame content significantly?

Long-frame content is more imaginative and instructive. You can apply pictures, infographics, video material, and so on in it.

It draws in more individuals who will share it on their online networking accounts. Besides, long-frame content causes you to target long-tail catchphrases all the more effective. It’s a standout amongst other procedures you ought to take after.

2.”DO” Evaluate Keywords Metrics Before Curating Your Content

It’s vital to gauge and investigate the catchphrase measurements you use for your site. There are a couple of fundamental measurements one should take after to comprehend if a specific keyword is a solid match for your site.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

These measurements are:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  •  Search Volume
  •  Return Rate
  •  Clicks

3.”DO” Process Relevant Linking Smartly

On the off chance that you would prefer not to fall into a trap with your linking procedure, the best thing is your centre around legitimate web assets. These assets have a high Domain Rating and perceivability, so a connection to one of those sites will bring you benefits that your site completely needs.

4.”DO” Build Static URLs

A site’s general quality relies upon the URLs that each page has. There are heaps of discourses about what sorts of URLs perform better – Static URLs or Dynamic ones. To set things straight, how about we audit the definitions for each sort of URL.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques


A Static URL is the one that keeps its substance unaltered insofar as changes are not hard-coded with HTML. A Dynamic URL is one that is a consequence of a pursuit inside a site, driven by a database running on a content. However, for what reason improve rather than Dynamic ones?

Here are a few motivations to consider  Static Url:

  • High keyword unmistakable quality and pertinence
  • High navigate rates in SERPs, messages, website pages
  • Can be acclimated to a specific stay message that would enable the page to rank higher when connected to specifically in URL design
  • The real web search tools handle static URLs effectively rather than dynamic ones (if there are various parameters).

While Dynamic URLs have loads of negatives, including:

  • Lower navigate rates
  • Lower keyword noticeable quality and pertinence
  • Almost difficult to recollect the URL
  • A high shot of removing the finish of the URL that may prompt 404 or different mistakes

Along these lines, building Static URLs is an alternative you ought to recollect.

5.”DO” Image Size Optimization

The best needs of the pictures you use on your site ought to be high calibre and little in the measure. You ought to recollect forget that pictures can back off your site. On the off chance that a guest sees that your site downloads too gradually as a result of the pictures, he or she will abandon it with no dithering.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

Besides, Google expresses that page speed is a standout amongst the most vital positioning elements. Consequently, test the pages with the assistance of the Pagespeed Insights apparatus.

Here are criteria you ought to be centred around:

1.Filename. An enlightening document name is much the same as a catchphrase you use in a specific URL. It helps web crawlers decide importance. Each picture must have data about it. Disregard a “DSC0023.jpg” document name for the pictures. As should be obvious, utilizing that as the name of the picture won’t get visibility via web indexes. Rather, give a full expressive name. For instance, “Do’s-Don’t-for-seo.jpg.”

2.Image connecting. Pictures work in a perfect world for connecting. To do this effectively, you should utilize important watchwords. Moreover, this strategy performs in a brilliant way when you distribute a visitor post on different sites. You can add a connection back to your site straightforwardly from the pictures.

3.ALT tag. This is a standout amongst the most essential picture characteristics. ALT label enlightens web search tools concerning the subject your picture is significant too. Practice demonstrates that it is far superior to keep ALT labels short yet spellbinding.

4.Image importance. It’s a given that the pictures you apply must be entirely important to what they portray. You shouldn’t post a picture of a “youngster” on the page identified with “soldiery.”

5.Image size. Maybe this paradigm assumes a vital part during the time spent enhancement. In the event that pictures influence your page to stack at a moderate pace, it will prompt “client emergency.” People don’t care to sit tight even 10 seconds for the page to download. Along these lines, you should pack pictures you’re willing to add to your site.

6.”DO” Builting a Sitemap

You realize that a web index needs to record every one of the pages on your site to show it in SERPs. In any case, newcomers don’t know how to help web search tools record site’s pages. Likely, the arrangement is as simple as A-B-C. Make a sitemap that rundowns each page on your site that makes the way toward ordering considerably less complex for web crawlers. Try not to disregard this progression.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

7.”DO” Mobile-Optimization

These days relatively each and every individual uses cell phones to keep in contact. Moreover, a cell phone is an incredible method to invest your energy in the web. Google realizes that also. Therefore, the primary web index on the planet likes versatile cordial sites. To abstain from being overlooked by Google, you ought to complete a versatile enhancement of your site. Try not to overpower your site with promotions and attempt to make it simple for portable clients to explore.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

8.”DO” Focus on Local SEO

Do we realize that 43 percent of Google, 25 percent of Bing, and 25 percent of Yahoo seeks are area situated? Besides, 50 percent of every single versatile searcher conveyed nearby plan.

Local SEO is a great technique to enable you to draw in and fulfil loads of individuals — particularly if your site offers benefits that can be conveyed over your area.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

9.”DO” Invest Heavily in Social Media Presence

It must be considered important among online networking promotion to be outstanding amongst other free approaches to propel your site. An online networking nearness isn’t just about making accounts all through present day stages. It’s more about how much of the time you post news on content and the level of commitment you get.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

On the off chance that you are creating content or continually contributing, share them via web-based networking media. On the off chance that you read different distributions inside your industry simply ahead and share them also. There is a considerable measure of substance you can cover inside online networking so there should no reason on for what reason not to take an interest.

Moreover, you realize that web indexes utilize calculations to determine if your substance merits being positioned. Clients of online networking stages pick articles they think have esteem. In the event that they see that your substance is clear and valuable, they will share it on their online networking accounts.

10. “DO” Blogging

Blogging is unquestionably an “absolute necessity” alternative for your site from an SEO point of view. Moreover, blogging is a capable instrument that can meet your business needs. You should know how to set up a blog for any sort of business you’re wanting to oversee.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

All things considered, blogging requires a few decisions that you have to take after.

As a matter of first importance, no one needs to peruse the obsolete substance. That implies you should deliver astounding substance as regularly as could reasonably be expected.

11.”DO” Guest Posting

Blogging and visitor posting has one normal trait — content written work. Be that as it may, if blogging is coordinated at enhancing your blog, visitor posting is tied in with composing articles for different sites.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

Visitor posting has different advantages in light of the fact that:

  1. Gets you quality movement
  2. Establishes your power regarding the matter
  3. Improves your composition aptitudes
  4. Offers interpersonal interaction benefits
  5. Generates attention to your site and business
  6. Offers third-party referencing openings

Here is a Guide on – How to use SEO in your Digital Marketing Strategy– By Tenfold

Presently thinks about a portion of the things to maintain a strategic “Don’ts”  or the distance to maintain from, in 2018:

1.”Don’t” Opt for Backlinks Only

You may think building backlinks is a centre technique you should practice, and I would prefer not to trick you – it is. Truly, it’s essential to construct connects to relative sites. Be that as it may, don’t do this aimlessly. Some key tips:

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

  1. Quality over the amount. Attempt to get a backlink from a site having Domain Authority of 30+
  2. Do not get excessively numerous connections at the same time. This will signal web search tool as you might be interface bedevilling.
  3. Do not simply agree to simple connections like social bookmarking, registries, and so on. The harder it is to get a connection, for the most part it is better quality.

The motivation behind why you should push the limits concerning third party referencing is basic. Google should seriously mull over a tremendous measure of connections to or from different sites as something suspicious (for instance, dark/dark cap SEO methodology.) So, utilize connecting astutely!

2.”Don’t” Buy Links

When you connect to some trustworthy sites or get backlinks with the assistance of visitor posting, Google won’t punish your site. Be that as it may, when you purchase joins from low-expert (or even high-specialist) web assets, you may get in a bad position.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

Keep in mind that Google is generously arranged toward those backlinks to your site that has been made normally. So …

  • No instalments.
  • Do not utilize what is called “interface cultivate” sites.
  • Only characteristic methods for getting joins are best.

3.”Don’t” Utilize External Linking more often

It’s not astonishing that utilizing outside connecting time after time may be detected by Google. At the point when Google discovers bunches of outer connections on your site, it should seriously think about these connections to be spam or you are simply only one of those registry sites.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

It’s been expressed that utilizing unnatural methods for connecting will be punished by Google. Once more, don’t abuse outside connecting.

4.”Don’t” Utilize Same Anchor Texts or Even Keyword Phrases

Presently I’d like you to reflect back to the beginning of SEO when different experts utilized flawed strategies to influence site positioning in Google. This prompted an emphasis on catchphrase thickness.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

“Catchphrase stuffing” is the point at which a specific site contains a rundown of watchwords (words and expressions) not important to the substance of the site. Here are cases of catchphrase stuffing, affability of Google:

  • Using similar words or expressions time after time (eg. Our organization delivers fantastic versatile applications. In the event that you have to purchase excellent portable applications at low costs, you can check our costs here. In the event that you effectively chose to purchase amazing versatile applications, at that point connect with us utilizing this email address.)
  • Different arrangements of telephone numbers or addresses that are insignificant to your site.

Remember that there are a lot of sites that utilization catchphrase stuffing. Be that as it may, don’t be influenced to do a similar thing since watchword stuffing causes your SERP rankings to go lower.

What’s more, it will get more troublesome for a searcher to get the data they require.

5.”Don’t” Focus On Content Only

I personally would prefer not to recommend that good content performs exceptionally. That is not the situation. The composed substance is the reason for each blog on the web. Be that as it may, you should improve your blog with amazing articles, no inquiry.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

Be that as it may, I urge you not to end up a 100 percent promoter of this method.

Rather, attempt to demonstrate a touch of imagination. Distribute video content. It will reverberate with your intended interest group. There’s a group of individuals who get a kick out of the chance to peruse 3,000+ word bits of substance, yet a significant number other would favour watching an intriguing video. To entirety up, give yourself to making other substance shapes.

6.”Don’t” Utilize the Same Topics for Numerous Content

Copying similar titles all through the substance on the site is anything but a decent technique. This is a mix-up that site proprietors make.

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques

When you utilize similar titles on various pages of your site, it makes it more troublesome for web search tools to perceive the assorted variety of substance your site contains. People utilize long-tail watchwords as the titles of the posts on their online journals. Be that as it may, the issue is they utilize the same long-tail catchphrase titles for a few articles in succession. You ought to never do this.

7.”Don’t” Copy Others Content

Duplicating bits of substance on independent pages of your site brings you neither esteem nor hurt. Doing likewise technique with outer substance will bring you inconvenience. It mists seek bugs that make it harder to perceive the syndicated content. Inevitably, your site may lose its rankings on Google (or even get a punishment.)

Do's and Don'ts to follow for SEO on 2019 a guide to Ranking Factor- SEO Techniques



Overall the “Dos” and “Don’t” to follow in 2018 will change the ranking factor most of the major player present online. Recently due to several changes in Googles Algorithm along with the GDPR updates many of the sites ranking organically have been affected, even the celebrities sites have been affected.

However, updated Googles Algorithm will only yield new methods and techniques for SEO factors to rank. Keeping in mind the Dos and Don’ts it becomes very important to maintain a balance yet ranking first on the SERP.


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